Is it possible that a group of companies run thousands of nodes to take over the consensus of the network from the plebs?
Looks like I need to buy more Pi.

@banitama I think its technically possible but ridiculously expensive. That's about as far as my technical expertise goes regarding the matter. I'm sure there are much more knowledgeable folks here that have a better grasp regarding the subject.

@MrSkweeze A full node costs ~100$ if you opt for a typical 2GB RPi 4. A 32-core HEDT migh cost 1500$ but you could virtualize multiple instance of full node.
For companies, conjuring that amount of money is easy. What's left is some logistics problem, resource to do it, and some motives...

@banitama @MrSkweeze Let’s say the companies outnumber normal nodes 4:1 with malicious software (maybe expanding to 42 million coins) Normal nodes wouldn’t run the malicious software and the network would likely fork. Miners would stick to the original chain which would be more valuable having not been diluted with more coins.
Companies would have themselves a chain that no one would want and would have wasted all their capital spinning up malicious nodes.

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Front-running the VC bros in seizing another nakamoto domain.