What do you guys think about the recent chainalisys for LN? I don’t think they could track balance in channels, just the entry/exit point.

@banitama Not an expert, but from what I understand this is a good example of “fake it till you make it”... which they never will.

@JapanHODL That’s what I’m thinking as well. It’s pretty much impossible to deanonymize lightning packet.

@banitama I wouldn't say impossible. Anonymity on LN is good but not bulletproof, and not easy to achieve afaik.
Many things to consider.

But I think people using Tor & very good opsec can remain more difficult to track than the vast majority of users.

@banitama They will have to open channels with other nodes. When they are uncovered just close their channel with the highest fees possible. They will run out of liquidity. Meanwhile devs will find more permanent solutions.

@banitama I think it'll help uncover ways to improve anonymity such that they'll inadvertently make the LN of the future even more secure and anonymous.

@ugmug agree. for the longer term, adversaries are good for bitcoin

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