@smartbrain I don't think SEA region gives a shit about nazism.

Will take down my node for a few days. I’m moving to a new place, hopefully the internet working as intended there.

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I still love you, Mastodon. Although tbh I want to try nostr but I don’t think there’s any mobile client out there.

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@banitama OS migrated, synced to the tip, node sitting happy now.
Happy weekend!

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I’m turning my node off for this weekend, got a SSD warning

@ugmug agree. for the longer term, adversaries are good for bitcoin

@JapanHODL That’s what I’m thinking as well. It’s pretty much impossible to deanonymize lightning packet.

What do you guys think about the recent chainalisys for LN? I don’t think they could track balance in channels, just the entry/exit point.

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Happiness is derived from when my present self is working deliberately on something that will directly benefit my future self.

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The Best Book a No-coiner Can Read

@ugmug he want to “build blockchain project with real use cases” so I think it’s beneficial to have a chat with him first before sending articles.

I think a common pitfall for many technical people is the tendency to find a problem for a solution, and hopefully I can identify his problem first before moving on to bitcoin.

I want to help a friend of mine who’s a CTO at a local company. Suggest me your best “bitcoin, not blockchain” pitch.

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RT @ZubyMusic
This one page document from the US government in 1918 on 'Spanish Flu' is more measured, more scientific, and more holistic than everything we have been fed for the past 2 years... Incredible.

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Front-running the VC bros in seizing another nakamoto domain.